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Howdy! My name is Sarmad Gardezi and i’m a tech columnist & web developer with 6 years’ work experience and doing Computer Science from FAST Islamabad. I have done software projects for Fortune 500 people, worked as a personal technology columnist for different websites and also happen to be the first professional blogger in Islamabad, Pakistan. I have been writing how-to guides and tech tutorials since 2012 and my work has been featured on many Journal. I have authored several popular Google Apps Script and Google Add-ons that have hundered of users and are deployed in some of the biggest websites worldwide.

As i’m a web geek, personal technology columnist and  professional blogger. I builds web apps, Google Scripts and stuff that improves productivity.

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Tutorials for the beginner So, They can do More with Coding, Apps & Tutorials

I’m Sharing some of my Best Youtube Tutorials for the beginners of Pakistan So, my work my help them to Do more with Coding, Apps and tutorials. Some of my Best Tutorials are listed below as a catagory wise so do watch them. Thank You!

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