How to Become Professional Rich Blogger in Pakistan

Sarmad Gardezi

These days, blogs are more influential than traditional, non-informational websites. Why? Because we all relate to personal experiences better than we relate to corporations and brands.

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Earlier, I shared about how to increase the trust factor of a blog. This is something you need to do, especially when you are operating a blog under a brand name. You have to turn yourself into a credible blogger.

1) Becoming More Credible

Well, first, you need to start by being a credible person.

Yep. You heard me right.

  • You need to become a credible person in order to become a credible blogger.

When it comes to blogging, it’s not enough to become a credible person only; you also need to become a credible leader. Either you have it in you, or you need to work hard to become one.

There are two very common traits of credible people:

  1. Consistency
  2. Persistence

Let’s explore how to become a credible person, and ultimately, a credible blogger.

2) Think Beyond Personal Profit

Money is one of the top motivation factors for blogging, but to cross that line of “being stuck”, you need to think beyond money.

When you are working on building a quality blog, money making opportunities will keep coming, but you should never overlook the aspect of community building.

This means that, at times, it’s good to let go of a few monetary offers which may hurt your current readership. For example, it may be better to reject certain paid reviews.

You need to prioritize high-quality content over content designed to make money.

If you’re running a group or forum, you need to work as a moderator to encourage healthy engagement and a supportive sense of community. Similarly, on your blog, you are responsible for community building, and with a pro-active approach, you can easily achieve that sense of community.

3) Always Stand For What’s Right

One of the biggest traps in life is “right vs. wrong”.

The more you think about something being right or wrong, the more you start running away from what’s “right”. This is because humans are inherently more focused on pleasing themselves more than others.

Especially when working online, where you can’t physically see another person, make sure you’re standing up for what’s “right”.

Part of being “right” is also being authentic.

In blogging, don’t blindly follow what others are saying or doing, you need to have your own view and opinion. It’s OK to disagree on things, but disagree in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone.

And when blogging, make sure all of your thoughts are backed up by logic.

4) Become Likable

We all like to talk about things we like or believe in, and it’s this which will help us become consistent. And when we become consistent, we become likable.

Another thing that will help is giving things away for free.

Now, it should be obvious why this makes us likable; people like getting things for free. But more than that, people respect altruism more than they respect greediness.

Think about which one of these scenarios is more “likable”:

  1. Getting $100 for doing some work.
  2. Giving away $100 to a poor person who has not eaten in days.

The person who willingly gives away is always liked, and that’s the reason why professions related to medicine and education are always seen as highly credible lines of work.

Similarly, if you wish to become a credible blogger, you need to have the mindset of giving back to the community.

Always remember:

Also remember that it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are; what matters is how you give away your knowledge.


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