If you really must talk about different things, I recommend starting a blog that’s totally separate. Unless you can really find a niche audience and still have very strong posts around each topic, it’s just not worth it

What do you need to start a WordPress blog?

There are several steps that you need to start a blog in Pakistan

  1. Pick a blog Name

    Emphasise what your blog posts will be about with a creative name

  2. Choose your blog template

    Customize the design of your blog to match your style

  3. Connect your domain

    Enter nameservers in hosting to connect domain with some other hosting

  4. Start writing posts

    Start writing your first blog post with atleast 500 to 2000 words

  5. Publish posts and go live

    Publish your first blog post in website so that it display in Google Search

  6. Share your posts

    Share your post with friends & social media accounts to get audience

Step 1. Setup

The biggest mistake beginners make when building a blog is choosing the wrong blogging platform. That matters alot if you choose the wrong CMS (Content Management System) you can’t design it & develop the website according to google required SEO method.

First of all, you need a domain name and web hosting.

For domain name you can check these websites that offer cheap Domain Name & hosting in Pakistan. You can buy using Credit Card & local payment methods.

Provider Payment Price Coupen Buy
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Step 2. Designing

The second step is to design your WordPress Website with Themes & Plugins. Choose a fast loading WordPress theme for your website.

I prefer to use Schema WordPress Theme its paid but you can Download for free with License keys & updates.

Download Theme

After downloading the theme Upload & activate it. Theme matters alot in SEO & Google Ranking so you have choose perfect theme for your website.

Step 3. Plugins

There are over 55,000 WordPress plugins available in the free WordPress plugin directory alone. This means no matter what you want to accomplish, there is a plugin for it.

These are free plugins with regular updates. Don’t use too much plugins as they slow down your site.

Essential Plugins for your WordPress Website that Boost SEO & Secure your website.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is #1 Plugin for Search Engine Optimization. Yoast is available in both free & paid versions.

Yoast SEO offers free Sitemap, Google Search Results & many more options that you need to rank your blog. The best part is you can write keywords to rank your blog post with specific keywords.

JetPack by WordPress

Jetpack is your site’s security detail, guarding you against brute-force attacks and unauthorized logins. Basic protection is always free, while premium plans add expanded backup and automated fixes. Jetpack’s full suite of site security tools include:

Load pages faster, and serve your images and static files from our global network of servers. Improve your site speed and take control of your SEO with Jetpack’s site accelerator. Shorter load times can lead to happier readers, more page views, and if you’re running a store improved sales.

Making Money From Your Blog

Now that you’ve created your blog and customized it to your liking, you are probably wondering how can I actually make money from my blog?

Making money online is easy but it needs some hard work, without hard work you can’t do anything.

Here are some of the best ways to make money from your blog.

Google AdSense

Many bloggers make money by showing ads on their blogs. If you make a blog with monetization in mind, then Google AdSense is the best way to do this.

For google adsense you must have .com domain. Have atleast 35-50 Articles & pages like About us, Contact Us & Sitemap html page.

IF you still have any issue or Need a website you can comment down below. You can also contact us using our social media handles.