Free Programming Books for Pakistani Developers

Sarmad Gardezi

In this article i’ll share a collection of interesting books from different programming spheres like web and mobile app development. Some books are very beginner-friendly, others are for more advanced programmers. You can choose the ones you like and check them out & learn programming in easy way.

Free Programming Books You Should Read

Im sharing the best collection of 2018 ebooks that can help you to learn evergreen coding tips tricks and guides to become a professional programmer and developer in pakistan for free.

The Road to learn React

The Road to learn React is a great book for beginners who want to learn React. The book covers it’s fundamentals, general concepts, best practices, and shows you how to build a working application with pagination, searching and sorting. It also has extra referenced reading materials and exercises for each chapter.

Node.js Succinctly

Node.js Succintly is a great introduction to Node.js. You will learn the basics of Node.js like non-blocking I/O, event loop, modules and the Node.js runtime environment. You will also learn how to use the filesystem and streams, access the database and writing web applications.

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

This book is a great resource for every beginner programmer. It offers a rich collection of programming practices and concepts. The book’s format is simple and easy to read, with some great examples.

Mobile Developer’s Guide to The Galaxy

This book focuses on the process of creating mobile apps. It takes a closer look at the phases of development like planning and specification, prototyping and design, implementation, internal testing and deployment and more. You can also find a number of advices and tips about UX design, cross-platform and native development.

Learn Enough Command Line to Be Dangerous

This book is аn introduction to working with the Unix command line. It is targeted for beginners and is written in a very simple way and doesnt’t require any special computer knowledge or skills. Following the tutorials and exercises you will learn the basics of using the command line.

Game Programming Patterns

This is a collection of patterns that mobile developers use. It is targeted at starting developers, as it shows some of the best mobile development practices and patterns to make your code cleaner and easier to understand.

Mastering iOS game Development

Mastering iOS game Development is a book for advanced iOS game developers. It includes more than 200 pages of in-depth tutorials and advanced concepts of game development for any iOS platform. Reading and following this book will help you to bring your projects to the next level.

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