Earn Money from Daraz Affiliate Program in Pakistan

Sarmad Gardezi

If we go for the Affiliate websites in Pakistan, Daraz Pakistan is on the top. It is the best place to earn money if your not on coding side or a blogger then this affiliate system will helps you to earn money online for free.

Im Sarmad Gardezi as a official affiliated partner of daraz Pk affiliate system. Using daraz affiliation since 2015 when it was very new. people don’t know much about affiliate systems. Mostly newly Bloggers of pakistan use infolinks or other adverts for the earning in pakistan.

HOW IT Daraz Affiliation WORKS


The concept as an affiliate you promote our products and get a commission with every order!

Q: Who can participate? 

Everybody with own website, blog or just a Social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc)


  • Join affiliate
  • Find product
  • Promote product
  • Track sales
  • Earn commissions


Commission upto 11%

You get commission if the customer purchases within 30 days of clicking

Payment via local bank transfer

Premium commission possible

Full support from our team at any time

Regular promotions – More money for you

Keep an easy overview of your payments through Quality Click interface

Getting Started with Daraz.pk Affiliate System

Daraz has opened registrations for its sales program named DForce. The program will allow anyone and everyone to partner with Daraz and resell their products to their friends and family — mainly those who aren’t online yet or have limited access to internet – and earn a notable commission.

The program is open for all individuals who want to make some extra cash as Daraz is planning to pay them a profit on every sale of a product that’s available on Daraz.

Fo getting approval of Daraz/pk Affliate system you need to fill out the form.

Form Details

You need to fill out this form and select Advertisement as Daraz.pk

For Your Website Section if you don’t have website with Custom Domain you can either choose Blogger.com / WordPress.com free platforms. Your website must have at least 20 good articles with Good Audience for getting application approval.

After getting Approval

If you received the approval application now its time to login to your website and setup advertisement for your website / blog.

After logging in to your account you need to set the ad media for your website / blog to earn commission and your dash board helps you to check audience and clicks rate.

After that get in to the Ad Media & select the add category and then publish it in your website / blog.

How to Publish Ad media in Blog

For publishing the add media on Blog You can Check The Video Tutorial Below
After that you can get money via Bank Transfer or in a form of check as daraz says. You can also become a seller on daraz pk and sell your products to daraz Check this video.


If you didn’t receive the approval email yet  this means that your not qualifying the requirements of daraz affiliate system as i mentioned above. You can get money after getting 1000 Pakistani Rupees.

Click here to purchase a fully approved daraz pk account.

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