Find Sponsors for Social Media Channels & Earn Money

Sarmad Gardezi

Everyone have a social media account now a days. People use every Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram what if you earn some cash from these free social media accounts.

Well its not as much hard to earn money in Pakistan as people think. Getting sponsors for your social media accounts to get paid is the best thing that help a beginner to earn some money in Pakistan.

Well, I am assuming that a good number who read this article want to get paid to post on social media? You may already be making some money with the social platforms that you use by using them to drive traffic. The money itself comes from AdSense ads when blogging for money or from promoting a business with social media.

It is your work effort and content and your social brand that drives traffic on social media to what you are selling, promoting or writing about.  But this way is much easier then any other way all you need is to share the brand products online give them sales and views to get paid.

How to Find Sponsors

There are so many website on internet that help you to find brads that offers bloggers and content creators to share up their products online and give them some payment. I’m sharing  the best website that is authentic and verified that give help you to find sponsors online.

1. Famebit:  You can send the proposal to any number of companies. I would recommend you use a template for sending out proposals, but also be sure to make it personal.

Study the brand and come up with a unique idea.

Here’s the process:

  • Once your proposal is accepted, work on the promotion plan & share the draft with the company using the Famebit dashboard.
  • Once that is accepted, you can go live with it.

youtube seo formula

Things to note:

  • Once you submit the content on your channel, the company who sponsored your content becomes the copyright owner. They can reuse it for their other media campaigns.
  • Famebit charges 10% of the sponsored fees for providing this platform.
  • Payment is made via PayPal or paper check.

Create account on Famebit

Tip: On Famebit, you can also receive physical products to try & review. So at times, it’s OK to keep your proposal price low as you will get to review the product for free.

Overall, Famebit is one of those monetization techniques which is not limited to bloggers.

Anyone who is active on social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter (and a few more) can earn a decent income out of it. In particular, a YouTuber can earn anywhere between $10 and $20,000.

For YouTubers, I recommend using this 3rd party tool call TubeBuddy to grow their channel fast. It will help you to check trending Youtube videos tags or read my guide about YouTube SEO Guide 2018.

How to find Sponsors from Famebit

Login to famebit account if you don’t have create one for free. Then setup your profile and link your social media accounts. After that press on Sponsorships here you will find different advertisements with price and details check if your social media account is eligible or not.

After that choose the suitable offer that meets your social media account requirement and then click on it and bid. Write a complete proposal that include how you will promote the product or create video that suites their requirements.

Here you will find the complete detail of the sponsor that what kind of info he need and what are the requirements. Then simply write the proposal and send it. It will depend that the sponsor choose you it all depend upon your proposal.

Have you tried Famebit?  Share your experience in the comments below.

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