Complete Guide to index Website on Google Search 2018

Sarmad Gardezi

Google Search contain lots of article & posts but in 2018 they just changed they search engine policies to fetch those results which are more appropriate and best. Indexing your article fast on google search maybe tricky but not difficult.

If you check my last post about Yoast Hidden Tricks to boost article indexing using meta tags. You need to follow the same tricks here but you need some extra one. First thing is suggest your website to Google Webmaster Tools.

After submitting it to google webmaster tools submit the sitemap. A sitemap is the feed of every website that contact every link present on your website. In 2018 Google Made many changes but the sitemap still plays important role to fetch all the links in Google Search in 2018.If you avoid using sitemap in your website then it may be cause problem to index your website in google search engine

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Sitemap Generating Plugins 2018

When it comes to sitemap for WordPress website Yoast SEO Plugin is legend. Yoast seo plugin can help you to boost your website seo & help you to index in more fast on front page of google search. Turn on yoast seo sitemap index option and yoast will take care of rest.

I’m personally using Yoast SEO Premium version from last 2 years and it helped me a lot in indexing my website article on top.

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Check Google Webmaster tools on daily basis because it shows the errors and warning of your website if sitemap fetch some “NoIndex page” or some copyrighted page. Yoast will index the website article on Google Search in 1 week. If the topic is unique it will be published in 2-3 days.

When it comes to blogging some times you need to index the post more fast try to change the sitemap frequency of Yoast Seo plugin this will help you index the post more fast. You can also speed up WordPress Website for fast indexing in google search in 2018.

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