Translate your Google Doc. text to Urdu and Hindi

Sarmad Gardezi

Document Translator is the Google Add-on that will help you to translate your Document text in to your native language. The main purpose of building this add-on is, it will work online on Google Document files. People can install it free using their Gmail email address. It will work on unlimited Document files.

People from Pakistan & India face many problems to translate their text in to their own native language. It is very difficult to translate the text using some external website or from Google Translate. By using this simple add-on you can translate your text within a document and can replace it using the add-on. It will save your time, So you can done your work very easily.

Setting up Document Translator

You will find the add-on on Chrome Store, Install  the addon in your Gmail account. After the Installation gets complete. Open new or existing document file & from the Add-ons section press Document Translator.

Press on start button it will ask to to authorize using your email account. After that the sidebar will open. In sidebar window their are couple of options like Selecting the typed text language. To translate the text you need to select the text from the document and then press on translate to translate the text in to selected language.

Supported Languages

Document Translator supports 5 major Languages which are Urdu Hindi Pashto Sindhi & Indian Punjabi. The main purpose of this add-on is to provide the translate service to the people of pakistan & india. Who who want to convert large text in to Urdu or Hindi they use Google translation which is pretty much messy and takes too much time.

People avoid doing copy paste again and again. But now using this add-on You can convert it no matter how long it will take,just select it and press translate to convert it in to selected language.

Supported Documents

The add-on supports any type of Google Document. No matter that its new on the existing one. You can also use templates and other designs to use the add-on. It is free of cost.

Add-on Detail

The add on is using Google API to translate the text in to given languages. The addon will translate using word by word translation. You can also select other languages text to given languages. Try to translate paragraph.

If you select the whole text it may combine all the paragraphs so you face problem to divide them again. Its is funny secure and spam free you can check the Privacy Policy page.

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