How To Change ALL Your Youtube Videos Description Text Quickly

Sarmad Gardezi

Google Apps Script can help you to create very useful scripts that can automate your work. Like my Inserting Date Script that help you to insert date. Same like it now im introducing a better script and it so much useful for all i.e Update youtube videos description by one click using Google Apps Script.

Well this script is useful for every YouTuber who upload daily videos. Script can perform up to 100+ videos but the free version only supports 50 videos in a row (last upload ones).

Use your own google account that holds a YouTube account, then goto the script editor and run the script.


How to Use YouTube Description Modifier Script

The script is available as open source and can be used for commercial and public accounts. Follow the steps below to use the script.

  • Goto Google Script Editor
  • Create a new file of Google Apps Script
  • Name the file as “YouTube Description Modifier
  • Copy the script and paste in .gs file
  • Now replace the text “TEXT HERE” with your desire text
  • Now press the Run Button to Run the Script
  • Accept the persmissons to use your Google Account
  • Wait for the script to run
  • Check your videos for the result
function main() {
  var videos = YouTube.Search.list('snippet', {
    type: 'video',
    maxResults: 50,
    forMine: true
  var allVideos = videos.items;
  while(videos.nextPageToken) {
    var videos = YouTube.Search.list('snippet', {
      type: 'video',
      maxResults: 50,
      forMine: true,
      pageToken: videos.nextPageToken
    allVideos = allVideos.concat(videos.items);
  for(var i = 0; i < allVideos.length; i++) {
    var video = getVideo(allVideos[i].id.videoId);

function getVideo(id) {
  return YouTube.Videos.list('snippet', {id: id}).items[0];

function updateDescription(video) {
  video.snippet.description = 'TEXT HERE \n\n' + video.snippet.description;
  YouTube.Videos.update(video, 'snippet');

You can perform this action in multiples accounts. Free version can only works in personal google accounts. But f you Purchase the Premium version you can perform this action on 100+ YouTube videos including Business Accounts.
Premium version can also help you to change YouTube Video Description of G Suite and those accounts that have more then one YouTube accounts on one Gmail Account.

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