How to Earn Money from Instagram Fashion Blogs

Sarmad Gardezi

We all spend tons of time each day on Instagram. What if you could also use that time to grow your business and even make some money? It’s totally possible, but you’re probably not going to be able to figure it out on your own.

Let’s start with a straight forward one, one of the most common ways people make money on Instagram is by advertising. Brands want to advertise on Instagram.  Advertisers want to get in front of an audience who are in a buying mindset.

So, what can you do to start earning money from Instagram?

  1. Optimize your account so when you get visitors to it they stay, they follow and they click the link through to your website, sales page, affiliate link etc
  2. Work out how to monetize your Instagram Account

Most of the new instagrammers think tat first they need so many followers then they will start make money online. Followers doesn’t matter at all you can start with 500 to 10k instagram followers.

First thing you should take care of that your interest. Yes interest matters a lot when it comes to blogs. Then create an instagram account and Follow the some basic steps i have listed below

  • Share some products that are present in your home
  • Tag the products companies
  • use product hashtags with company shop location
  • use location in your post
  • tell your friends about your post

After this you will see small audience in your blog post this is due to that location, hashtags and company account tag that boosts the SEO of your post. Try to use different hashtags in new posts it will gather new audience to your blog and your followers will also increase rapidly.

This will help you to get relevant audience into your blog and they will get engaged with you when you publish any new post.


Make Money On Instagram With: Paid Posts

Now step two is how to get paid posts for your instagram. Instagram business accounts does not need so many followers they just see how many insights you get in your instagram post. Due to the relevant audience in your account, your posts audience will get more audience day by day due to post viral feature of instagram your instagram post will boost in to every relevant search area.

Contant different instagram brands and give them small offers to give them shoutout or promoting their products in cheap prices. This will help you to get online orders.

The above post is from Eman a Pakistani Fashion blogger from Islamabad, Pakistan who is running a fashion blog on instagram. She give a shoutout and share products of local and branded fashion companies on Payment.

How to Offer Brands

Many brands contact you using hashtags you use in your posts but mostly you have to offer them for the relevant product. Try to be transparent in deal and do as real work as you can. To make a long term relation its important to loyal with your work and make transparent deals.

You can clearly define what it is you want in return. The three most usual requests are:

  • A free product – usually, but not necessarily, to send you a free product for you to photograph/review and keep afterward as payment. This might also take the form of a gift card for the brand in question, for you to choose your own product to receive.
  • Rates – We go more in-depth into the world of influencers and pricing in our eBook, however you will need to decide what rate you will charge for a single post. If you are willing to negotiate on this then feel free to let the brand know in your email, but it’s best to give them a ballpark figure to work with.
  • A swap – This is generally a more casual arrangement that you establish with a brand you might already have a relationship with. Whereby you essentially promote each other on your respective platforms. These arrangements can really be as casual or as formal as you want them to be. For example, more formally you might agree ahead of time when and what you will each be posting. Or more casually you might agree to swap a product which each other, as part of a friendly exchange.

Earn Money on Instagram with Affiliate Links

Another great way now a days people are using on instagram to make money is affiliate links. Affiliate Links are the discount links in which you get a commission when you help the company to sale some products from your raffer link.  Many large companies on Pakistan including Kaymu Foodpanda & other offer affiliate programs that can help you to sell their products and get commission inr return.

By using these methods you can make money online in Pakistan using Instagram Fashion Blogs. If you have any issue comment below.

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