How to improve SEO of .pk Domain in Pakistan

Sarmad Gardezi

As we all know the most common domain name is .com which is used  world wide. But every country has its own name domains like United State has .us , India has .in and Pakistan has .pk domains which are now very common & used by everyone. Now how you can get this domain and how you can host it? Which Hosting is suitable? How to speedup ?

Well in Pakistan there are many Hosting Providers which provide relevant and best server hosting for .pk & domains in Pakistan. As per my experience I purchased .pk domain hosting from Moon Creations .pk domain minimum purchase time is for 2 years and only for 2400 PKR.

If you want to setup a blog website like & many other hit websites of Pakistan the .pk domain would be the best option for choosing your desire name. As in .com domain many of the names are not available as it is used worldwide.

In earlier times, when SEO was a simpler thing, a website’s domain name could have a huge impact on its rankings. What would you choose most common word for domain name. Try to find unique and best domain name,

Q: So, the question is: How do domain names affect your SEO efforts?

A: The main factor is your domain name if you choose too common name then anyone cant find your website in search engine. So your name must be unique so that your website will be on top at search results. Please avoid copying domain name like if some have don’t buy

How Domains Impact Your Online Marketing

The thing is, there are a lot of SEO companies out there providing a lot of the same services .While every SEO company is a little different, and comes at these services from different angles, they’re all based on the same theories.

While the approach to search engine optimization has changed, the theory has not. The goal is to provide quality answers to important questions, follow search engine best practices, and don’t let anything get stale.

These are things that everyone can do.

One unique element in all of this is your domain name. That’s something that no one else can copy.

So while a domain name may not contribute to your rankings like it once did, they can provide:

  • Higher clickthrough rates
  • More trust
  • More attention in the search engine results pages
  • More brand potential
SEO 2018

Improve SEO of .pk Domain in Pakistan

WordPress is the best CMS that can help you to boost your website SEO to 80% more then any other CMS. If .pk domain have bit low indexing frequency then .com domain and mostly people prefer .com domain over .pk so choosing a Yoast SEO plugin and Following Yoast indexing Guide can help your website to get more views and audience.

If you follow this and learn from this history, I think you’ll do a much better job, generally speaking, of writing for SEO than a lot of the common wisdom out there. All right, everyone. Look forward to your thoughts in the comments.

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