How to get Real YouTube views and Subscribers in Pakistan

Sarmad Gardezi

All we know that youtube is second biggest search engine on the planet after google, it generates an estimate 92 billion page view each month which also provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs, and about 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute.

There are many top YouTuber of Pakistan who are making Good Quality Views and Subscribers. But for the beginners its sometime very hard to get pure views and subscribers in short span of time.

Why I Created The YouTube Marketing Article

When I first launched my YouTube channel, I wondered things like:

“How do I come up with a name for my channel?”

“How do I find keywords to optimize my videos around?”

“What’s the best way to get subscribers?”

“How do I use cards and end screens?”

And to find the answers to these questions, I had to sift throughdozensof articles and videos.

YouTube Views & Subscriber Strategies

Wether you’re looking for a advance strategies, tis for getting started, or tactics for optimizing your videos for SEO.

What you’ll learn

Learn the specific steps for creating a popular youtube channel for the ground up. You’ll also see the actual example of YouTubers that have build thriving channels in record time.

Here’s How It Works:

The YouTube Marketing broken down into 5 core topics:

  • Create a YouTube Channel –Here’s where you’ll set foundation for a successful YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to position your channel so it stands out and how to structure your Channel Page to maximize views and subscribers.
  • Create Videos for YouTubeLearn exactly how to plan, shoot and edit videos that get results on YouTube. You’ll also see how to take advantage of cool features like End Screens and Cards.
  • Optimize Your YouTube VideosTitles. Descriptions. Tags. Keywords. They’re all key for getting views on your YouTube videos. And in this section you’ll learn about basic and advanced video SEO strategies.
  • Grow Your Channel–Here’s where you’ll learn how to use Playlists, Branding Watermarks, video promotion and the new Community Tab to get more views and subscribers (including lots of real life examples).
  • Make Money From YouTube –Learn how to monetize your channel with ads, partnerships and brand deals. You’ll also see how to use YouTube to drive traffic to your site.

By following these guide build a successful channel and create a proper time for new videos. The upload time of YouTube video should be proper either is should be daily, weekly or monthly.

YouTube Codes and Commands for Fast Search Results

Boost YouTube video using Google Ads

Well investing in business is a good thing when it comes to YouTube in Pakistan. Well spending 500/= PKR to Promote YouTube video to get 200+ views a week is really good package. I personally used this and get a really good response.

How to get Real YouTube views and Subscribers in Pakistan
Youtube SEO

Here is the . quick analysis of my two campaigns of just 500/= PKR to promote my YouTube videos and i got great response. So, if you are new to YouTube, then you can use Google Ads to promote your YouTube Video to get Real Views and Subscriber in short span of time.

By promoting these two videos my channel got a great reputation i just got 1K YouTube subscribers and about 14K watch time. Which is a great thing for me instead of sending links to some i can just spend some and get more.

Real YouTube views and Subscribers
Sarmad Gardezi YouTuve Report

Here you can see the last 28 days analysis of my YouTube Channel. I got 8K views 14K watch time and 39 New Subscribers which are real and interested on who want to watch my stuff. So this is known as targeted audience for specific channel that help you get more views and subscribers.

What Do You Think?

Also, I plan on adding more resources to the hub soon. Check out my Youtube SEO Formula for existing videos. So let me know if you have any topic ideas or suggestions.

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