Instagram enabled Voice Message option in DM

Sarmad Gardezi

Instagram is the most trending social media account now a days.  Instagram now enabled voice message known as VN in short for Direct Messages.

Instagram direct voice message can be very helpful to send long messages in small period of time. With Instagram voice DM service, you can send message by recording your voice and send welcome DM to new followers, 

How to send Voice Note in Instagram

You can send voice messages VN from your instagram profile basically this option is only present in Business / Public profiles only but in some countries its in pipeline.

  • Go to your Instagram Profile
  • Slide right to the direct messages screen
  • select any contact you want to send instagram direct message
  • in the type area you will see small mike option
  • Press & hold that icon and record your voice message to send Voice Notes
Instagram Voice Note
Instagram Voice Note

If you dont have this option simply follow my account as i shared the post below send me DM and ill reply you back using voice note this will enable the option in your Instagram Account.






If you still have an issue then simple contact instagram help center. Instagram voice message have same option as DM you can unsend it any time. The user can listen it 2 times after that the message got mark as seen as image or video send as a direct message.

If you want to make to make your instagram account as Business Profile try making it today and Grow Your Social Media reputation. Instagram can help you get more real followers day by day and can help you become more famous in the world on Images.

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