How to Embed Twitter DM / Message Button in Website

Written by Sarmad Gardezi October 20, 2017

Twitter is the one of the largest Social Media Network. People use it very frequently and every website user has a twitter account. Most of the people use it as Q/A in DM. Throught this you can do anything with twitter.

Now how you can use Message / DM button in your website so that you can get it in your account through your website. It very simple and easy way to get in in no time. People can easily get in touch with you through your website and can ask any question.

Twitter DM Button for Website

Recently Twitter introduced the facility to add a Direct Message (DM) button to your website.
Although not the most earth shattering function it does allow businesses to utilize Twitter DM functions much easier as a customer support tool.

So, How do I set this up on my website?

You will need:
Access to your own Twitter account, including your Twitter ID
Access to your website – if you’re running a flat HTML site you’ll need access to the file you’ll be adding the code to, if you’re running a WordPress website, you’ll simply need access to the page where the button will live.

1, Go to:
Scroll down until you see the ‘Or browse your options below’ section
Click the ‘Twitter Buttons’ panel and a pop-up will load


Once set, you’ll be presented with your bespoke embed code. All you then need to do is copy/ paste that code where required.

You can also place it in your Blogspot Blogs or WordPress Blog.

NOTE: Most of the people didnt get the DM button on your website because their account are not Plugin or their DM’s are not Public. So, to sue this option you must have Public DM option enable.

You can check my DM button below as a demo.


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