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Written by Sarmad Gardezi July 11, 2017

QR Codes offer an easy way to transfer information information from any screen – like your computer desktop, display window at a retail store or even the ads in a newspaper – to your mobile phone

Recently Wikipedia unveiled a new tool called QRpedia that adds language-detection capabilities to these static QR codes.

This is such a useful and clever idea. Now when a user scans a QR code ima


In case you would like to add Wikipedia style language-detection QR codes to your own web pages, here’s the relevant JavaScript code. Just copy-paste this snippet into your website

template where you would like the the QR code image to appear and the code does the rest.

ge for a Wikipedia article, the code detects the default language of the mobile phone and automatically redirects him to the Wikipedia article in that language.


If your website content is in a language other than English, change the “en” value to another language code (like es for español or fr for français). Also, the above code generates a 200×200 QR Code but you may change the default height x width values to something else that suits your site’s layout.


To test this QR code, go to your phone settings and change the default locale to español or français or anything other than English. Now scan the QR code image above and it should open this blog but only after translating it from English to your phone’s language.

Here’s what happens behind the scenes. The language detection part is handled by the QR code URL – it determines the user’s phone language after reading the request header sent by the mobile browser and then redirects the user to to translated page. The language translation is handled by Google Translate while the QR image itself is generated using the Google Charts API.

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