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Why my YouTube Adsense Payment is still Zero


oogle Adsense is one of the top earning platform. Beginners of pakistan start their freelancing through YouTube Monization.

People can easily earn money online by uploading youtube videos and getting views and clicks turn them in to Dollars is the most easiest way,

YouTube Monetization with AdSense

Monetizing your YouTube videos with Google AdSense is one of the most common and easy ways to make money from your YouTube videos.

Once you have associated your YouTube channel with an AdSense account, you will have the option to submit your videos for monetization.

Your video will be approved for monetization if it passes YouTube monetization requirements. General criteria of meeting such requirements include provisions that your videos to be advertiser-friendly, and that you own the rights to the content to use it commercially.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through steps that you need to complete to monetize YouTube videos and start making money from your videos.

Summary of Steps – YouTube with AdSense

Here’s the summary of steps to associate YouTube account with AdSense for monetization if you know your way around both YouTube and AdSense.

  1. Go to your YouTube dashboard by clicking on your YouTube account icon and Creator Studio.
  2. From your Creator Studio dashboard, go to the Monetisation page under Channel Menu on your left sidebar (Channel > Monetisation)
  3. Under the “Guidelines and Information” section, you will see information about FAQ – “How will I be paid?”.
  4. Click on the AdSense Association page and follow the next step that directs you to AdSense and YouTube association page.
  5. Sign in with the Google Account that has AdSense enabled and the one that you want to associate with your channel.
  6. Once you have logged in, click to Accept the association on the page.
  7. You will now be redirected to your YouTube account and soon receive message and notifications to enable monetizations for your videos.

Follow the detailed guide below with all the steps that are involved in the YouTube monetization process with AdSense.

My Earning is Stuck at $0.00

I hear most of the new members of YouTube , that heir earning is stuck at $0.00. Why this happens?

YouTube just changed their policies in 2016 end. According to them your Youtube Channel must have atleast 10,000 Views and 20 subscribers for that. So, if your have the same issue then try to get views and Subscribers.

I just created a new channel just to check Monitization and i see this error. Now Remember  Your Old views will not be considered like my channel had 156 Views iin 2 Days but after monitization it shows 0 and now it consider the views.

Hope so it will help you if so Subscribe to my Youtube Channel for more Tech Tutorials.