Learn the Easy & Best Way to Make Money in Pakistan

Written by Sarmad Gardezi November 19, 2017

Making money online is not as difficult as people think. People use different ways to earn online but most of them says that they didn’t get the revenue due to some issue. You need to find the perfect website for that that is authentic giving 100% support to their customers.

In Pakistan many people start their online earning journey as a freelancer or writing free blogs. To learn online you need motivation & need some time to give online as a hard worker. After that you need to figure out your skill i.e what kind work you can easily do online. No matter you have graphic skill, good writing skill, you can also guide people online.

Getting Started

Before you start anything its time to think about it and make complete episodes. People with empty minds startups get failed in 1 or 2 weeks. Now its up to you that you took Video platform or Blog side. If you are thinking to make videos then you should start something new on YouTube. Uploading copyright content or some useless stuff can only make you sad after some days.

While if you choose a website or blog then it should be on a new topics that help people and capture them to stay on your blog and read your content daily. But its so hard to track a person on your blog for long period of time so for that you need to write some interesting and new content that admire the audience and make reason to stay on your blog or website.

Starting a YouTube Channel

If you think that you can become a good YouTuber then you should start your journey from youtube because its the best place to get audience.

Earning from YouTube is so easy all you need is to upload some photos daily on your channel but they should be your own & does not contain any content that is copyright from any video as YouTube claim it as stop your earning. Many people say that my adsense earning got stopped so that is the reason behind this issue.

According to YouTube Monitization new policies you must have at least 100 Subscribers & your must must have more then 10,000 Views. After that you can apply for YouTube monitization. This is the best way to make money but its important to upload video on a daily basis as YouTube feature top active channels.

Make money from Blog Website

Earning from blog is lil bit hard for the beginners. To start a blog you need to set up a complete blog website. As a startup you should start from Blogspot blog or WordPress.com Blogs because its important to know how you can manage your blog. How you can grow your website subscribers & audience list.

After spending to three months on free blog then you can shift your blog to professional website. You can also migrate your blog content to website.

The major thing is to submit a sitemap to google webmaster tools, to fetch your blog posts in Google Search. You can also set Plugin Priority i.e Yoast SEO plugin priority to boost your website article.

After getting a successful blog you can also setup your own blog company to Become a professional Entrepreneur in Pakistan. Like Propakistani owned by Aamir Atta.

Adds for Website / Blog

There are many adds website that give you best revenue by placing their adds on your website. The most famous add serve companies are Google Adsense & Propeller ads. Both companies provide best add services to their clients with full Customer support. Getting Adsense is very difficult in pakistan.

Get Adsense for your Website

To get adsense approval its important to have blog or website older then 6 months, You can see this complete guide of starting a blog from scratch. After following all the guides of starting a blog its time to apply for adsense. But adsense see most of the things like design and content to make sure that your content must be your own even images.

Get Propeller ads for Blog website

Propeller ads doesn’t have any major requirement but they check your website audience. To get approval its important to have 20-50 visitors a day. You can simply apply for it and get instead approval. They part it you can get it through band transfer by check or from Payoneer account in pakistan.

General Review

Both the advertisement companies are best for startups. But its important to maintain your blog daily. But like YouTube Google fetch active blogs post more fast then old one. Its important to update your blog article as new changes are applied on that thing on which you written as article. Make blogging as a passion rather then getting involved in earning. Try to make your blog design impressive to attract people. Make unique content. You can also add multiple author to your blog so that you can work as a group.



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