Why Every New Startup of Pakistan Needs a Website

Written by Sarmad Gardezi January 17, 2020

Blogging is not as scary as it looks. Blogging is also not as easy as it looks. What blogging is, however is a useful tool that gets people to your website, app or product. But why does it work so well and why are there businesses that are so hesitant to use a blog to promote their product?

Let me first start by saying that everybody loves a good User Experience and conversation. But the thing is that nobody will even get a chance to see or use the product if nobody knows it exists in the market, The best place is internet and on internet you must have a website to promote the products i.e on blogs and websites.

Which brings me to blogging. I’ve found myself in the interesting position of writing blogs for startups and the products they sell. Often these are companies that are trying to revamp how people do things, from job searching, to getting a mortgage or scoring concert tickets- they’re out to disrupt industries, and that’s awesome! What is not awesome, however, is how hard it is to find these companies sometimes, because they have no content out there.

What Boost Your Company Growth

There are several ways that boost the company business online. When you have a website each and ever detail of the company is displayed & user can find all the information very easily.

  1. Business Should have a website
  2. Website contain very detail including Google Maps & Others
  3. People can easily find find any business in google and can get details from website
  4. Many Blogs share different guides that help people to find solution

Blogs Provide Value

There is one thing your users care about and that’s value. Value is everything: The product, the user experience, the problem solving potential of your product. Most importantly, value builds trust. If you can present yourself as an authority on something, then your customers will look to you as a reliable source for information on your industry and come to you for answers.

Many business do not struggle with asserting themselves. They’re happy to post 10 pictures a day on Instagram, a tweet every hour and a new Facebook post every 30 minutes. This isn’t providing value- it’s bragging. And we all do the same things to people that brag endlessly on our social media- block/unfollow/unfriend. Don’t be unfriended by your customer base.

Social media is much more than just twitter and Facebook- it’s a way to understand your audience, relate to them and help them solve their problems. Always ask yourself if your social media is a good User Experience for your audience or just for you.

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