Convert Your Speech in To Text

Dictation - Convert your speech in to any language using online dictation. Convert Urdu to English online for free. Launch the web App to start dictation online.

how it works

How Voice Typing Work?

  1. Goto the Voice Typing Online.

    Launch the Voice Typing from your browser (Mobile, Tablets are also supported).

  2. Accept a Permission to use google Addon

    Google will ask you to accept the permission if you trust accept the permission to use the web app.

  3. Press Start to start dictation.

    Beshure to connect the microphone and accept the permissions to access microphone and start speech and you will see your desire language text typing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Dictation uses Google’s powerful Speech Recognition engine to transcribe your voice into text and the results are extremely fast. You need Google Chrome browser on your Windows PC, Mac OS X or Linux. Dictation work inside Chrome on Android too but we recommend desktop browser for improved productivity. It is not compatible with iPhone or iPad.

Does Dictation support my native language?

Dictation can understand spoken words in all popular languages including English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, हिन्दी, தமிழ், اُردُو, বাংলা, ગુજરાતી, ಕನ್ನಡ, and more. See full list of supported languages

Speech to text software for people with Special Needs?

Assistive technology using speech recognition is known to benefit students with special needs and learning disabilities that interfere with their ability to spell and write. It makes writing easier for people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or repetitive strain injury (RSI) in the hands or wrists.

How do I improve the accuracy of speech recognition?

Speech recognition works best in quiet settings so if you in a complex enviroment, like a noisy coffee shop, the engine may not accurately recognize your voice.

Can I publish my notes on the Internet, like a blog?

Dictation, by default, saves everything in your browser and no data is saved online. However, you can click the ‘Publish’ button to publish your text to the Internet that anyone can access.

Dictation is not working for me. What could be wrong?

It supports every browser but i praffer you to use Google Chrome. Still having as issue Click Here to read full debugging details.

What is your privacy policy? Is my data safe?

Dictation stores everything in your browser locally and not a byte of your data is transmitted or stored anywhere. It only sends the speech to Google servers via Chrome over HTTPS (secure) for speech recognition and outputs the transcribed text in your browser. You can read our privacy policy.

Can speech recognition work offline?

No. Dictation relies on the Google speech recognition engine that transcribes your speech to text in the cloud.

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