Ways to Viral your Photo & Video on Instagram

Written by Sarmad Gardezi January 15, 2018

Do you want your photo to go viral on Instagram. Ofcourse everyone want fame need likes and comments on instagram photo & videos. Who wouldn’t want to dramatically increase the reach of their posts? Going viral in Pakistan from content marketing – and any business owner marketing their company online wants it.

Your Instagram Posts Will Probably Go Viral if You Follow These 5 Steps

1) Get Personal

You’ve got to get personal on your page if you expect your Instagram posts to go viral. Consider the strong engagement you receive from your Facebook friends when you post on your profile about:

  • a job promotion
  • yours or your child’s wedding
  • your newborn baby
  • losing weight
  • high school or college graduations
  • personal achievements

Personalizing the updates on your business profile can have a similar effect. Your fans will connect with those posts on a deeper level & are more likely to Like, comment on or share your posts with friends.

Many of them have experienced something similar or they just want to be there to support your happy news. On my first day,  I announced it by sharing a photo on my Instagram, and the post got more than 211 Likes & some comments.

2) Use Viral Photo Finder

Here’s a confession:

I’ve recently used Post Planner’s viral photo finder to locate some of the most shared & most Liked photos on Facebook to publish on my profile & on pages that I own.

Not too bad considering that it took only a couple minutes to find & publish the photo. You may see greater engagement depending on the size of your community & how much your fans engage with your Profile. We used the photo finder to locate the following image, which went big when we published it on our Instagram profile.

3) Ask for Help Sharing Your Posts

It can be tough getting your posts in front of a large audience on Instagram. The news feed algorithm buries your content to the point that your updates don’t even reach most of your fans.

So ask family members, friends & customers for help pushing your posts. Sometimes just a little nudge is needed for a post to gain the momentum it needs to snowball. Most people won’t mind helping you with this small request.

4) Timing is Everything

Like with many things in life, TIMING is EVERYTHING. When should you post on Instagram?

Rather than blindly following advice from some blog post you find, dive deep into your Instagram Insights to see when your fans are most active online.

Then test different posts at the most opportune times to see which content gets the most engagement from fans. Then continue testing fresh posts to determine which updates might someday go viral.

Your Instagram Insights make it easy to determine the best times to post on your Profile. When you update your status is critical if you expect lots of people to share your post.

5) Run a Instagram Boost / Facebook Boost

Sometimes you’ll have to spend a few bucks to get posts in front of your fans. It’s harsh, I know!

But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do, especially with Instagram limiting the reach of your Photo status updates. You don’t need to pay to boost every post. But you may want to with the most important ones the posts with the most potential for getting shared.

I usually select “People who like your Page and their friends” as my audience. And I spend between $10 and $20, depending on the post. I prefer to use Facebook boost but you need to link your Instagram to facebook account so that you can get a double boost on both facebook and Instagram.

I then deviate a bit from Facebook’s settings on my ads. I go into my Facebook ad manager, open the campaign I just created for the post, and delete the post that targets my fans’ friends.

I’ve found it works best to target just my Facebook fans. But this varies from case to case, especially if your product targets a wide demographic.


Don’t give up! It can be frustrating since Facebook’s news feed algorithm so tightly controls what people see. Trust me. As a small business owner, I feel your pain.

But try to be grateful that today you’re able to reach an audience on Facebook that didn’t exist a few years back.


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