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Sarmad Gardezi

Digital Marketer & Google Script Developer


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Front End Web Developer

The Developers PK.

I currently work for Developers PK. I create usable web interfaces, front end coding stuff and almost anything. But i love what i do.
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DAWN Pakistan.

I worked as a Blogger in DAWN Pakistan for about 6 Months. I write on Tech and How to guides for the beginners.
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Graphic Designer

Fiverr Inc.

I am an Level 2 seller at fiverr. I create web PSD templates and sell them online.

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Software Engineering

FAST University Islamabad.

I studying Software engineering from islamabad Pakistan.
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Gov. Model Science College

I got my FSC Degree at Model Science College.
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Pyramids International School

I done my School life from pyramids international school.



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[progress_bar first_bar=”yes” last_bar=”” text=”HTML5″ percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”CSS3″ percent=”50″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Blogger” percent=”70″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Wordpress” percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”PHP” percent=”75″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Google Scripts” percent=”68″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”JAVA Scripts” percent=”88″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”Bootstrap” percent=”91″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”yes” text=”UI DESIGNING” percent=”71″]

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[progress_bar first_bar=”yes” last_bar=”” text=”PSD Template” percent=”90″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”PHOTOSHOP” percent=”60″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”ILLUSTRATOR” percent=”40″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”YOUTUBER” percent=”100″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”BLOGGING” percent=”80″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”” text=”DIGITAL MARKETER” percent=”75″]

[progress_bar first_bar=”” last_bar=”yes” text=”SEO EXPERT” percent=”95″]


[section_title icon=”icon-doc-alt” text=”DOWNLOAD MY CV”]

You can download my CV in pdf format if you like. I currently work as a freelance developer. I create usable web interfaces, front end coding stuff and almost anything. But i love what i do.

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