Start Blog in Pakistan Step by Step Guide

I have helped over 100+ people get started with WordPress. Here’s everything that you get with our free WordPress blog setup service. In Pakistan many startups face major issues to setup a wordpress hosting, Installing wordpress on hosting & other.

In this post, we are learning the complete guide of setting up an SEO friendly WordPress website, that how you can create install design and do Search engine optimization of your WordPress website in just simple ways.

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All of that for free? Are you crazy?

Yup, we get this question a lot. See why Sarmad Gardezi offer free blog setups.
Majority of blogs fail within a few months of starting out. Mostly because they fail to reach the blogger’s expectations and goals.

Having failed quite a few times and spending countless hours researching and experimenting, I learned that the issue always comes down to a solid setup.

This is the reason why you see expert bloggers starting one successful blog after another. They have figured out the right set of tools they need to increase conversion, get a lot of traffic from SEO, increase engagement through social media, while making money from their passion.

I created this post to offer users what I wish I had when I was starting out. Don’t let technical barriers stop you from starting your blog. Let my team build the blog for you. absolutely free of charge, so you can focus on doing what you love.

First Step to Start a Blog

The first step you need to know is “Website Name” That is the most important thing for any website. The name of the website should be rich in content that anyone can easily find it out and search for it.

Choose Domain Name for Website/Blog

Domain name & Hosting are the major part of the website so your hoster must the good reputed so that you can enjoy 24 Hours website uptime with no security issues.

BluehostDomain & HostingBluehost is Offers Best Valuable prices for both Domain & Hosting
HostgatorHostingHostgator is best for Purchasing baby Plan Hosting for personal websites

After this check the posts i have listed you may find them Useful

  1. How to Speedup WordPress Website
  2. How to Redirect all Blogger Post Links to WordPress
  3. Remove all WordPress Widgets in Admin Dashboard

Installing WordPress on new Domain

After purchasing domain & hosting its time to install WordPress on your new domain using quick install. For that, i just listed the video Click Here to View.

Designing WordPress Blog

To design a WordPress blog you need to have a good verified WordPress theme. Check the WordPress Themes Store to choose the best WordPress official themes. You can pick any theme for your blog or website either your blog is personal, Business, Company, or Portfolio one.

Selecting Correct Search Engine Optimization Plugins

In WordPress Plugin Store you will find a lot of plugins some are free & some are premium. I prefer you to use Yoast SEO Premium as it is a world top-rated SEO friendly plugin for WordPress. It can help you to boost your website into the next level on the web.

Some SEO tips you must follow

  1. How to Write Rich Content Article for Website
  2. How to Grow Blog & Get more Subscribers
  3. Translate your Blog into multiple languages to attract an audience from worldwide
  4. Take care of this thing when you start your blog like a pro

These pro tips can help you to start your journey in to next level of blogging to get more people, subscribers, followers and social followers.

Start Generating Money from Blog

After setting up blog and design it with perfect theme its time to monetize it and get some revenue. You can apply for affiliate programs that give really great deals and give you revenue on every item purchase.

Other ways to Generate income from Blog

  1. How teenagers can make money from blog
  2. Guide about fresh blogs to make money
  3. Earn money from shutter stock in Pakistan
  4. How to generate more money from adsense native Adds
  5. Earn from Propeller Adverts
  6. How to earn from Instagram Fashion Blog

These ways are help you to monetize your blog and earn some money on the initial stage you may get little audience but work hard give regular time and you will get more audience day by day.

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