Instagram Filters for Desktop

This Web Application will help you to apply instagram filters in your photos using desktop, tablets etc. Just apply the filter and download image for free. The free version of google app script will help to perform this action in secure way we dont need any login.

how it works

How Instagram Filters Work?

  1. Goto Instagram Filters Add-on

    Launch the instagram Filters from your browser (Mobile Phones are not supported yet).

  2. Accept a Permission to use google Addon

    Google will ask you to accept the permission if you trust accept the permission to use the web app.

  3. Drag the Photo

    Drag your desire photo in the to screen, Instagram Filters will be displayed after the image just apply them and download the image.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Instagram Filters?

Instagram filters is the free Google Web App developed by Sarmad Gardezi to use free instagram filters from your tablet & desktop computers.

Is it free?

Yes the web app is 100% free that allow unlimited images to apply any filter of your desire.

How it works?

After opening the web app just minimize the window and drag the image in to the drag text and maximize the window now apply any filter on your photo and download the image by pressine the download button.

Is it secure to use?

Yes its 100% secure its running on Google Apps Services. You can check Privacy Policy page for more details.

What is their any limit of photos to apply filter?

No! the app is free with no limits apply filters to as many images as you want.

Which image Formates it Supports?

It supports .jpg .png & .gif files. Try to use image file notmore then 2MB.

Will my image be secure?

Yes the web app will not save any image file in data base it will place the imae temporary to un till you apply the filters.

Will it support Videos?

Not yet but we are working on it. Do share the Web App with your fri

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