Gumroad plugin is now available for WordPress Users

Gumroad is a platform that enables creators to sell products directly to consumers. Gumroad is now supporting WordPress to integrate with your website and you can sell your products easily.

Creating Gumroad Account

You can create gumboard account for free even Pakistani users can create it to sell digital products online.

  • Goto Gumroad website and signup
  • Use your email or social media accounts
  • Create your profile
  • Link Paypal account
  • Download Gumroad WordPress Plugin
Gumroad Signup

After creating account upload a product in Gumroad. The product can be in physical  or digital 

Upload the product and select the amount in $  and embed the link.

Gumroad have updated plugin for WordPress plugin so that you can easily add Overlay and Embed widgets to your website or blog.

Once enabled, your customers can buy your Gumroad products without having to leave your website or blog, which we’ve seen increase conversions by upwards of 25%.

After uploading the product and its details copy the product ID in notes. Install the Gumroad WordPress Plugin and activate it. Now goto the post and copy short codes to embed the Gumroad products to your website.

idThe Gumroad product IDAny valid Gumroad product ID, What is my Gumroad product ID?none
typeThe type of product link you want to show.overlay, embedoverlay
textText that shows on the overlay button (applies to overlay only).Any textBuy Now
wantedIf true, user will be redirected directly to the checkout page (applies to overlay only).true, falsefalse
localeAuto-set a locale (applies to overlay only).true, falsefalse

Here is the short codes to embed Gumroad products in your Website / Blog. 

You can also use short codes:

Basic overlay example: [ gumroad id="DviQY"]

Basic embed example: [ gumroad id="GaPdj" type="embed"]

Overlay that will automatically show the payment form: [ gumroad id="DviQY" text="Purchase Item" wanted="true"]

The ID (“GAPdJ”) is the same as your Gumroad product URL (“”). See the full documentation in Settings > Gumroad after the plugin is activated.

Personalize your landing page to your heart’s content. Change some colors around or use CSS to style anything you wish — it’s up to you.

After completing all the process anyone can purchase a product from your website by just pressing a Purchase button. You can get the payment into your PayPal account. Watch this Video Tutorial for more help regarding this process.

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