Online Dictation

Convert your Voice in to Text for free. Use Online Dictation that help you to convert your speech into text. You can use Hindi & urdu language as well. Convert urdu to english or hindi to english using dictation online.

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    How to launch the Online Dictator

    Click on Online Dictation go launch the Web Application. This Application is 100% Secure & Running on Goolge Apps Script. The purpose of this Application is to make your writing word more easy by dictating online.

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    How to Dictate?

    Just press on Start Dictation & start speeking online with your mike. To stop the dictaion press on Stop Dictation check about section for more details.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dictation?

With Dictation, you can use the magic of speech recognition to write emails, narrate essays and long documents in the browser without touching the keyboard.

Is mike compulsory for using Dictaion?

To get started, just connect the microphone to your computer and click the Start Dictation button. You can also use laptop / Mobile build mike as well.

Lost Connection Data will lost?

Dictation uses your browser’s local Storage to save all the transcribed text automatically as you speak. That means you can close the browser and it will resume from where you left off…

Which LAnguages it Supports?

Dictation will automatically determine your browser’s default launguage and uses it for subsequent transcriptions.

Which browser is best?

Better is to use Google Chrome. You don’t have to speak in English as Chrome’s engine can recognize quite a few languages including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Malay, Indonesian and more.

Saving Formate?

The dictation will save your data in .txt formate file. But you can copy the text & paste it in any file or social media accounts as per your desire.

Updated Speech Langues?

Urdu & Hindi is the only language that is supported at this time.

How to use commands using dictation?

You can use commands using dication please check commands section in online dictation Thanks.

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