Entrepreneur, Investor, Influencer.

I Help Bloggers to Grow online and Get Relevant Audiance for Social Media & Blogs.

Howdy! I'm doing an engineering degree in Software Engineering from Islamabad, Pakistan. I have built software projects for large companies of Pakistan including Alishan Pakistan. I'm working as a blogger in Yolo Magazine & Goscips a entertainment blog.

I'm a personal technology blogger and also happen to be the first Professional blogger in Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir. LDF awarded me the freelancing Award in 2014. I build Google Scripts, Codes & Web Applications.

Sarmad Gardezi

I got featured in many major online websites & got under 30 Young Entrepreneur Award in 2016. Currently i’m working with Google Cloud Community in Pakistan.

Tutorials & Guide

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Start WordPress

Learn how to start a WordPress blog on custom domain & setup a free website free that help you generate money online.

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Google Adsense Earning

Google Adsense is World No #1 online earning advertisement agency by Google that help you earn money from your Blog / Website.

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Google Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a programming langauge by Google to make web-applications and Plugins.

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How can I help?

I help people to automate their work with new and Amazing Apps & Google Apps Scripts. Which can make their work more easy.

I have Created more then 50+ websites and abou 100+ Custom Google Scripts for the Biggest Companies in Pakistan.

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Islamabad, Pakistan

My Expertise

Google Apps Script
G Suite APIs
Web Development

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