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If you’re about to purchase any of my Google add-ons / Service, you have the option to purchase priority support. It extends the product support period and you can opt for live one-on-one support over screencast or Skype

Basic Customer Support

This is the basic customer support section contact me for the technical issues.

If you support about any blog articles submit your issue you will get answer in 1-2 business working days.

Please avoid to spam as our messaging system is spam free by Jetpack &DMCA so you will be banend if you submit the form more then two times in a day. Sending irralevant links or script can also lead your email to the block section.

You can also contact me via Facebook Messanger

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Services Support

Small businesses and bootstrapped startups love the comfort that comes with six months of technical support.

Includes "first-in-line" priority email support with responses in less than 24 hours.

Priority Support

Per Day, USD.

Purchase Now
  • First-in-line support
  • Response within 2 hours
  • Support via Twitter
  • Support via Linkedin
  • Support via Facebook

Platinum Support

Platinum support includes all of the benefits of priority support plus one-on-one live technical assistance over phone, Skype or Google Hangouts.

You can also book up to 4 screen sharing sessions over Skype or Zoom.us for personalized help.



Accelerated service-level response and live technical assistance for customers with more demanding support requirements.

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