Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is Sarmad Gardezi ?

A: Sarmad Gardezi is a common name in Islamabad, Pakistan, But in the last 4 years, this equation has changed considerably. is a technology blog started in 2009 by Sarmad Gardezi, Pakistan professional blogger. He”s a Popular Tchie developing JavaScripts WebApps and sharing How-to-Tech guides and making Tech Tutorials on Youtube.

How much does Sarmad Gardezi charge?

The short answer is that SEO pricing ranges anywhere from $50 per hour to over $250 per hour depending on the SEO agency you hire.

Q: I need your Help or have a Quest How can i contact you ?

A: He is working with us from the startup. Sarmad developed many websites for us & he is having lot of skills he design elegant templates before time.

Q: Can i hire you ?

A: Yes Check Contact page for details or email sarmadgardezi(@)

Q: Will you review my Product ?

A: I love checking out new stuff espically web apps, Mobile apps & consumer softwares.Send as email to mail[@] request product review through i obviously cannot cover everything that”s out there. I always honor embargoes and NADs.

Q: Can we invite you to an all-expenses-paid launch event ?

A: I don”t accept trips and in case if you choose me to attend your events, ill take care of my expenses, including transportations and hotel.

Q: Can you accept Guest Posts ?

A: Sorry i don”t accept guest posts. If you are interested you can write for E How Life instead.

Q: Can i reprint your article on my blog or in a print magazine / newspaper ?

A: The short answer is NO but read the fair use guide . Plagiarism is evil and i may sometime file a DMCA complaint against website that republish my website content illegal. (Be a men Don”t be a copycat)

Q: In which CMS your website is running ?

A: My website is Running on my own CMS with Bootstrap v3 template “Sarmad Gardezi Cv-Card v4.1”. For your Custom templates tweet me.

Q: What is your business model ?

A: I’m partnered with various advertising programs including Google AdSense, BlogAds, BuySellAds, and Google DFP. These programs help bring advertisers to the website and are a major source of revenue. I don”t receive money or any other form of compensation whose product and services are covered on my site.

Q: I want to join you. Are you hiring ?

A: I’m working as a one-man team on my personal website right now but if you are talented tech geek/ developer and have excellent command over english, send me some of your samples, Do write lil bit your tech background. Me and my team is also looking for orignal and well-written articles on topics related to Computer software, web applications, personal technology and consumer software video tutorials , hacks and in-depth review of new software application that make people feel more productive.

Q: How can i subscribe to the newsletters ?

A: My website has a daily newsletter that is sent every weekday featuring the top story of the day. You can follow me on Facebook Twitter GooglePlus and Youtube.