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How to Find the image uploader location

You can find or trace the actual location of the person who uploaded image on the website using Google Maps. It help you to track the actual path of image,

Online Dictation

Description With Dictation, you can use the magic of speech recognition to write emails, narrate essays and long documents in the browser without touching the keyboard. LAUNCH APPLICATION CLICK HERE 1 How to Launch? Open Online Dictation Web Applciation. The WebApp is compatible with all browsers and in all Countries. 2 How to Use it?…

XML Sitemap for Mobile SEO

f you looking to make your WordPress blog more mobile friendly, look no further than MobilePress – it’s a free WordPress plugin that instantly provides a great looking mobile version of your site. You have the freedom to design your own mobile themes if you aren’t too happy with the defaults. What I also liked about Mobile…