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Blogging is a passion for me, and it’s something I enjoy doing. It’s not a work for me because it’s something that makes me feel happy and content i write is for those who really need my help regarding blogging and making money in Pakistan.

This is one of the many reasons I blog part-time & it’s my source of bread & butter. Even after 3 years of blogging, I never find it boring or meaningless. In fact, everyday feels like a new day for me and i learnt lots of new ways which i honestly share with you guys.

With every passing day, I’m diving deeper into the world of blogging, and I keep sharing my experiences and learning here at

Now, for many bloggers, blogging is not the same like me because to live a regular life money plays a major role, and without money, blogging is just a part-time hobby, and can never be a top-most priority.

In this guide, I have shared the complete blueprint on how to start blogging for making money. I will be referring to many selected articles from the past, which will ensure that you don’t miss out anything.

I will make this handy for beginners, who have never started a blog, and still want to learn the art of earning money from the blog.

Since I love blogging and find it to be the most profitable way to make money, this post is targeted to those enthusiastic people, who are ready to learn something new and make money from it. I will try to cover all important aspect of blogging, and I will be sharing tons of links from the pasts which will ensure that this post doesn’t feel like incomplete.

How to Start a Blog that will Make Rupees for You


To be honest, for blogging the most important skill you need to have is to be eager to learn new stuff. Writing or speaking (for video bloggers) is another crucial aspect of blogging but not common in Pakistan so far. Though there are some technical requirements but if you know how to express yourself with writing, which adds value to the people, you can become a blogger.

Even if you don’t have these skills now, you can always learn these skills with practice. There might be an initial investment, but it will be worth it for making a great future with the help of blogging.

Let’s move ahead & look at how you can start a blog that earns money.

Choose a Topic that Attract Others


The very first thing you need to do is find the niche of your blog. By niche, I mean finding a topic that your blog is going to be about & attract pakistani audience.

I hope you were not thinking that I would blog about everything & make money. This doesn’t work in 2018 and your chances of success are better when you blog on a single topic.

You might be a jack of all trades, and want to start a blog on multiple topics, but it will not be fruitful, as people like to subscribe to a blog, which is an authority on a particular topic and when they recieve mess with the posts they will definitely unsubscribe your newsletter.

Even from search engine point of view, a blog/website dedicated on a single topic ranks higher. Now, the question is how can you find the topic of your blog? Here are few tips that will help you to get started:

  • Find a topic that you know better than anyone else. It doesn’t have to be the job you are doing, and it could be anything. Try to think about the topic that you mostly like to talk about, and you can comfortably talk about it for hours.
  • A good idea is to pick a topic that you usually read about. The topic which you read about all the time is something that interests you.
  • Also, make sure you have a keen interest in a particular topic, and you can add values with your own insight.
  • For newbies, I always recommend to take help of pen-paper and write down the topics in different columns that you like. For ex: Photography, Scientific research, Baby care, health care and so on. Now, try to write 20 post ideas for those different columns. When you are writing the post title, think about what you can write without taking reference. By the end of the 20th article, it will help you to find the topic (Niche) that you like the most.

Domain Name for Blog Website


Name of your blog is the most crucial part for success. A domain name is the URL of a blog which a visitor will use to open a blog. For example;

When you start a blog on BlogSpot or platform, you get an address like and

A custom domain name is like, for which we need to pay around $11. If you are following this guide for making money you should start a blog on BlogSpot without any custom domain.

Now, there are few rules which will help you to pick the best name for your new blog. Here are some of the tips from my experience:

  • Use only .com domain extension. Use .in or country based domain extension when you are targeting traffic from a particular country.
  • Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and easy to type.
  • Make sure your domain name should not confuse the listener.

For SEO advantage


Now, if you are planning to create a blog whose sole purpose is to make money and you are unsure about long-term goals, you can pick a keyword rich domain name. a good idea is to have your main topic (Keyword) as a first name followed by a suffix like Guide, resource and so on. Ex: Cydiaguide, Tech guides and so on.

You can use Godaddy domain name search feature to get suggestions for your domain name. My suggestion is to use your creativity and pick a name which makes more sense, and easy to brand. Here are few things you should not do when selecting the domain name for your new blog:

  • Don’t use your personal name as a blog name. It will not look professional when your blog will grow, and when you target audience shift from local to global.
  • Don’t use too long domain name. Try to keep it lower than 12 characters. Ex: ShoutMeLoud
  • Don’t use domain extension like .info, .net and so on, because they tend to rank bad in Search engines. I always prefer and suggest to use a domain name extension like .com or .org.

Website Blog Hosting in Pakistan


Now, I assume you have crossed the infant stage of blogging on a free blogging platform like BlogSpot or, and you should move to a self-hosted platform.

By self-hosted platform, I mean to install your blog on your own server. This way you will have more control on your blog, and you are responsible for all your actions.

I have already shared a complete guide on web-hosting for beginners, which will help you to learn the basics of hosting servers. Just to make things simpler:

Read this guide to learn how you can buy hosting from Bluehost & then read how to install WordPress on hosting.

Bluehost offers free domain along with hosting, and it will cost around $4.95/month which is a decent amount for a quality web-hosting.

Set up your blog


To start setting up your blog for branding and make it perfect, I have shared some guides which you can refer to get started:

By Watching the above Video You can rank your blog on top rank in Google Search.

Design of your blog


Blog design is most important aspect of your blog because a good design will ensure that your visitors will love your blog. For WordPress, there are many free and Premium WordPress themes out there. I always recommend to go for a premium theme because you will get all the support and starter guide, and more over, you will have a quality design for your blog. Here are three premium theme clubs which I would recommend you to start with.

  • Genesis : This is the costliest option, but certainly one of the best theme framework out there. You should opt for pro-package, which will let you access all their skins and future updates for free.
  • Theme-junkie: This theme is perfect for people who want to design their theme themselves. There are many good themes out there, and with easy to control design panel, you can customize your WordPress theme without any issue.

There are many more premium WordPress theme clubs out there, but I recommend any of the above two for a professional start.

Writing your first content


Now, this is where the real-challenge begins, as you need to write contents which are not only useful but written in excellent quality. I will share some of the articles link below to get you started, but here are few tips which will ensure you don’t make mistakes a newbie usually makes:

  • When you are writing your content, imagine there is a person sitting next to you, and he doesn’t have any knowledge about the topic you are writing. Now, your content should cover all the aspect of basics to advanced to explain your topic to the guy. You don’t have to go crazy with details, but it should have enough details.
  • Above tip will ensure that your content length is up-to the mark.
  • Write in a first person tone, because there is a single person who is reading your blog. For example, you are reading this blog post alone. So, use you instead of we.
  • Try to take your own screenshots using software’s like Snag It (that’s what I use). Don’t use images from Google image search directly. If your still need images for your post without taking screenshots, here are two guides to help you. Find images for your blog using Google advanced image search, and find free to use images using Flickr.

Here are few articles that will ensure when you write your first blog post, you will definitely end up creating great content.

Now, Make money from blogging in easy steps:


The best and easiest way to make money from blogging is AdSense. I will not get into details, as below guide will ensure that you end up making money from your blog.

After obeying the Ultimate guide to make a blog and earn money in Pakistan, You Can easily generate some Rupees initially in Pakistan. Try to be active in blogging and use social media to promote your stuff so that you can get some useful audience don daily basis.

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