• recipe

expo CLI

recipe is a cross platrorm mobile application created using expo managed workflow made in 3 hours

  • desart portfolio

html + css

desart is an html css portfolio with responsive design for all screens , The UI is clean and modern and it gives the user a smooth experience.

  • feather react portfolio

react js

Feather is a react portfolio with advanced animation using framer motion library.

  • facePost

node js + react js

FacePost is like a mini social media for posts where you can create an account and log in , then you can add posts and will be seen by the others member also this project is using session based authentication where the sessions are stored in mysql database hosted in clever cloud .

  • chato chat application

node js + react js

This project is about a chat application made with node js and socket io and for the fronEnd part i used react js .

  • vision mobile app

React native

vision is a mobile cross platforme application made with react native cli , this application was made for a company project but they quit the idea so here i'am sharing the source code , so idea of the company is to create an android app that will be linked with their backend and the app will be able to take a photos and add it's informations and send the data to the backend it's kind of tourist app , as i said the backend suposed to be build by the company so i replaced the backend data by a dummy data as an example , take a look and download to better know the idea .

  • triko mobile app

React native

triko is a mobile cross platforme application made with react native cli the goal of the application is to schedule your tasks and works as a reminder .

  • jwtoken facebook authentication clone

next JS

This project is a json web token Authentication implementation for Next.js app using nextAuth solution for Credentials authentication .

  • my personal portfolio

next JS

this is my personal portfolio created with Next.js and chakra-ui for styling and it's responsive for all devices. .

  • session authentication for github provider

next JS

This project is a Session Based Authentication implementation for Next.js app using nextAuth solution for Github provider and uses Prisma ORM to deal with the sqlite database , the session and users accounts are stored in a database and makes it easy to end user's session and it's more secure .

  • react portfolio created using create react app facebook tool


The project was created with create react app tool and uses react-lazy-load-image-component library for lazy load the images for better performance and also AOS library for animating components on scroll. .

  • shop prototype mobile application


This is a prototype of a shop mobile application where i used expo framework .

  • create movies and series details website with create react app


Novie project is a website that gives you informations and details about any serie or movie consuming The Open Movie Database API (OMDb) .

  • image share is a react native mobile app created with expo


Image_Share is a react native project built using EXPO Platform , the idea of the project is to take images using the camera created from scratch and customized then upload those pictures and store theme in firebase Store service and every image uploaded it's data will be saved in the firebase real time database what make's those images shared between authenticated users.

  • upload images to cloudinary and more features


next js cloudinary is a Next.js app that uses cloudinary as third party persistent file storage service and store images data in a database through Prisma ORM and NextAuth for jwt authentication and chakra ui for UI. .

Sarmad Gardezi

Sarmad Gardezi is a full stack developer from islamabad, Pakistan.

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